Studies show that most people leave organisations because they do not feel valued by their employers and bosses. This process ensures that we are able to work with our staff to enable them to see how their role fits within the overall value produced by the organization and how that value fits within and compliments their own personal values structure. NLP is one of the most powerful sets of tools available for personal and professional transformation. Drawn from a wide range of disciplines, including cognitive and social psychology, it enables ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results.
Many of our behaviours are unconscious to us, which means that if you ask someone how they are doing something really well they often can’t give you a specific answer. They don’t know! NLP is about how we can understand the language of the mind to produce outstanding outcomes and uncover where we may have problems. We learn how our attitude will affect our results. NLP promotes a can do attitude, an attitude of excitement and curiosity and provides models to help us understand in which areas of life we are being proactive and in which we tend to be reactive.
NLP at  Corporate workshop explores how the core principles of NLP can be applied to a range of business situations. Working Employees will learn how to get what they want, quickly and easily, using the ‘Well-Formed-Outcomes’ goal setting strategy. They will learn the secret of ‘managing their state’, so they can feel confident whenever they want. And they will learn the value of taking ‘Second Position’ and seeing things from another person’s point of views.They will leave with a mindset, skillset and toolset that will enable them to tackle business situations effectively and successfully.

What you’ll learn;

  • How to use NLP to be more effective in the workplace
  • NLP Principles to help you be more successful in your career
  • What is Goal,outcome,Target and Mission
  • 10 Most Limiting Beliefs Impeding your Growth and Business
  • Core Beliefs of Millionaire
  • Become skilled at active listening
  • Change internal resources for Money
  • Business Spoiling and Business Generating Factors
  • Access “Peak Performance” and then reproduce it more consistently
  • Explore Your Relationship with work and grow your business
  • Reflection on Your In depth Creativity
  • Exercise to Remove Past Failure Memories holding you back
  • How to Change Beliefs about Money and growth
  • Walt Disney Exercise
  • Redesigning your Past Exercise
  • Redesigning Your Future Exercise
  • Part integration Exercise
  • Exploring New Point of View Exercise and Much More..